Thanks to Bryan McIntyre for sending
these photos. He calls them
Ghosts of Columbus Past

He captions them below the image:

Chittenden Hotel
An historic hotel at Spring and High.
Replacement: The latest State of Ohio glass box. OOOOOOOOOH!
Christopher Inn
A neat hotel on East Broad St. torn down in the early 1990's.Replacement: a parking lot. Wow, what an improvement!
Columbus Asylum for the Insane
A Hilltop institution for over 100 years (at least a few pieces live at the Hilltop Library).
Replacement: state of Ohio vertical ice cube trays number 4 and 5. Big improvement.
Columbus Board of Trade Building
Occupied by the Board of Trade, which I believe became the Chamber of Commerce.
Replacement: the original state of Ohio vertical ice cube tray. WOW!
Old Franklin County Courthouse
The third and most magnificent of the old Franklin County court houses, once
called "the greatest court house in Ohio".
Replacement: the current steel and girder court house. Bet it won't make the
great court house list.
The destruction of this gem won the Lou-Roc award for contributing to the homogenization of the American roadside. Of course, we were promised the Kahiki would be stored and rebuilt downtown...3 years ago. What a joke! Replacement: Walgreens. A drug store, boy, what a thrilling thing to promote to tourists.
The Neil House and the New Neil House
A historic hotel at Broad and High. Replacement: state of Ohio vertical ice cube tray number 2. Ooh, my belly button puckers over that one!
Olentangy Park
An amusement park, theater and more on N. High St. near Clintonville. Replacement: a Big Bear. Be still my beating heart!
Union Station
The place trains came and went from when Columbus actually had trains. Replacement: the "Gee, ain't we nuts convention center". This has been remembered with the I-670 cap.
The Ohio Penitentiary
The original state prison used primarily in the 1800s and early 1900s. Replacement: possible future use in the Arena District. Proposal to build apartments there that look just like the Pen! That would be brilliant.

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